Why choose a permanent burial site for cremated remains?

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Peter Ryan (Rockville Centre) shares a topic discussed during the CCC Convention in Summerlin, NV, September 19-22, 2019:
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Why choose a permanent burial site for cremated remains?

Some people keep a loved one’s cremated remains in their personal possession; others scatter them in their own yard, at sea or some other place. Wherever the remains go initially, the decision NOT to commit them to a permanent burial location can have many unintended and far-reaching effects over the years and generations to come. Before you make an irreversible decision, please consider the impact this decision may have on your life and the lives of others – some of whom have not yet been born.

Consequences of no burial

At the time of death, one family member takes possession of the cremated remains, to the exclusion of all others.

The remains are eventually scattered, buried in the back yard, left in a closet or on a shelf. Many friends and family members do not even know where they are.

As the family changes through birth, death and divorce, control of the remains may change over the years.

Property ownership may also change. If the land where the remains are buried is sold, visitation may no longer be possible.

As the next generation grows up, they will one day ask about those who came before them. At some point, no one will remember where their remains are or when they lived.

Benefits of permanent burial

All friends and family members have a special place to visit and remember

Friends and family can visit, bring flowers or make dedications in honor of a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion.

All friends and family members can visit a neutral location without anyone else’s knowledge or permission.

Cemeteries will always be there, open to visitations by one and all.

Grave markers will always provide a permanent record of your loved one’s life, with their name and brief history for all to see.

Doesn’t your loved one deserve the dignity and respect of a permanent burial site?

As catholic cemeterians we help people remember because we believe that no life should be forgotten. In addition to traditional gravesites, many cemeteries have above-ground burial sites and special burial garden areas, such as columbariums and memory gardens.

Please contact your local catholic cemetery for information on their complete range of cremation burial options.

A permanent burial site can cost so little, yet provide so much. Forever.