Visitor Safety

Published by at December 16, 2016 3:20 pm

Peter Ryan says:

Topic: Visitors – It seems nowadays we are being held accountable, and often in court responsible, for the actions of others. It appears there’s been a death to “reason and common sense.”  This has led to a mind shift of cemetery management  to “assume and prevent” incidents.

Rather than ask, I thought I’d share what I’ve found helpful. I hope you will consider doing the same and share here with others some “words of wisdom” or post litigation plans that help improve cemeteries overall. Whether a small parish cemetery or a large diocesan cemetery, the risks are great and the rewards for good management practices need to be better all the time.

Here’s what I’ve found helpful:
Visitor Safety Warning – Alerts – Tips
Visitor’s Welcome Guide Booklet
Monument Topple Test Inspection Form
Disclaimer and Code of Conduct

Be safe!

Peter J Ryan, CCCE
Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Rockville Centre
Westbury, NY