Proof of Insurance

Published by at February 25, 2016 10:32 am

Member Marianne Linka asks –

“Topic: To date our diocesan cemeteries have not requested proof of insurance from vendors who perform work on our cemetery grounds. In discussions with legal counsel and our insurance administrator it was agreed that we should be requesting certificates of insurance to be kept on file for all vendors (vault companies, monument dealers, etc) who perform work on our grounds (as the diocese does for any other vendor doing work on our properties).  They are uncertain as to what limits we should require, however.  In the same line of thinking we don’t request copies of licenses or COI from funeral directors.  Should we be doing this?

Hence, I turn to other diocesan cemetery systems to find out what limits they require and whether they keep COI on file or request a vendor to produce one each time they come on the grounds. I’m leaning towards keeping them on file to cut down on the paper work.

Any input from the experts would be greatly appreciated.”