School of Leadership & Management Excellence at Notre Dame

JUNE 11-14, 2023

School of Land Management & General Operations

  • Maintaining OSHA Compliance While Reducing Your Risks
  • Can You Compete?
  • Tree Management in Catholic Cemeteries – Why they matter
  • Rights of Burial – Who has them, what can be done with them, how do you permit action?
  • Cemeteries Operations through the Seasons
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Catholic Green Burial for the Faithful (2 sessions)

School of Sales and Marketing

  • Marketing Basics, Research & Planning
  • Social Media, Digital Advertising, E-Mail Marketing & Website Development
  • Brand Identity & Public Relations
  • Products, Services, Sales Structures. UPDATED
  • Inventory/Point of Sales IT Initiatives & Analytics UPDATED
  • Explore Effective Sales Policies, Sales Meetings, Cemetery Staff Meetings

School of Management & Human Resources

  • Coaching in Today’s Workplace (2 sessions)
  • Cemetery Liability – “Little Problems That Turn into Grave Mistakes
  • Legal Challenges of the Modern Workplace – UPDATED
  • There’s no leash in leadership: Managing your team for unbridled success
  • Labor and Employment (tentative title)

School of Theology of Modern Catholic Beliefs

  • Understanding the Eucharist Importance of the Funeral Mass
  • Understanding Church and Funeral Symbols
  • The Catholic Funeral Liturgy (2 sessions)
  • Catholic Theology and the Death of a Christian
  • At the End of Our Life: Issues of Pastoral Care and Bereavement

School of Finance

  • Understanding Cemetery Financial Statement: Walk through an Annual Report
  • Basic Cost Classification, Contribution Margin, and Net Revenue Planning
  • Permanent Maintenance Funds: Ageless Witness of Faith
  • Profit Planning–A 4-M Approach
  • APPLIED Finance





University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN

Preliminary Itinerary

6-11 Arrival/Mass/Dinner
6-12 Classes/Dinner/TBA
6-13 Classes
6-14 Classes/Closing Reception