Private Mausoleum Insurance

Published by at June 6, 2017 7:58 am

Mark Wilson asks:

We had a family come to us that their insurance company would not insure a private family mausoleum as a rider to their homeowner’s policy, as some insurers do with monuments. Can anyone share contractual language that covers their cemetery against damages, deterioration, maintenance, etc. in a contact document for a private family mausoleum?
The conditions are: The foundation was sold and poured by the cemetery to the builder’s spec, the mausoleum was sold and installed by a monument company, the cemetery takes care of the surrounding grounds. There was a certificate of insurance presented during construction that named all the appropriate diocesan entities as additional insured which expired on completion of the mausoleum. From an insurance standpoint, do we need a policy from the family in perpetuity?
Thanks for listening.

Mark Wilson, Trenton.