Private Mausoleum Costs

Published by at November 23, 2016 3:47 pm

Marianne Linka asks:

It has been many years since we have allowed a private mausoleum to be built in our cemeteries.  We have had several requests recently but we do not have a standard answer on costs.

Obviously we need to be reimbursed for the square footage of the mausoleum in units of graves.  (i.e. if the mausoleum were to take the space of 12 graves, we would expect to be reimbursed for that).  In addition, we have a process that involves our buildings department (for design approval and inspections) and our cemetery committee (for environment review).  We also expect to have 10% of the cost of the PM provided for our endowment.

So…our charges (at this point) should be the $ value of the graves being used + costs of staff used for reviews and approvals + 10% of cost of PM for our endowment.  What am I missing?

Marianne Linka
Director of Cemeteries
Diocese of Camden, NJ