Monument Foundations

Published by at August 25, 2016 9:33 am

Mark Wilson asks:

Most of us have had, or have now, monuments that list as a result of single poured foundations deteriorating.  We also have provided and sold the foundations for those monuments.

My question is: Has anyone developed a policy regarding charging for replacing the foundations when they are old and begin to deteriorate?

I’ve yet to see anything in print that addresses how to charge a family for a “product” that isn’t guaranteed for a lifetime.  Practically speaking, no one likely thinks of the foundation once the monument is set, but in an active cemetery when adjacent burials take place, the earth gets disturbed, the foundations shift and monuments list.  Here in the Garden State it is a mortal sin for cemeteries to even think the word “monument,” though we have the dilemma of knowing if we installed the foundation, we’re responsible.

Moving forward, I am thinking of creating a document to cover us, but the past is presenting us with many monuments that will need new foundations. Has anyone successfully crafted a document that can help us out regarding foundations from decades ago?  Thanks for listening.

Mark Wilson
Director of Cemeteries

Diocese of Trenton
Trenton, NJ