CCCE Certification

The Single Most Important Step in Career Development: CCCE

Reasons to Seek Certification

Everybody knows that the initials MD following a name means they’re medical doctor. CPA signifies an individual has met standards and fulfilled requirements to be a certified public accountant. Thousands of associations utilize professional certification to recognize individuals for their dedication to their chosen career; their ability to perform to set standards; and their willingness to share their time, talents and experience with others.

Ask a certified professional why and they’ll tell you that the certification process is one of the single most important steps you can take in personal and career development.

The Catholic Cemetery Conference offers a professional certification to members through its Certified Catholic Cemetery Executive (CCCE) designation program. On the following pages are the top reasons why you should consider professional certification:

Certified Catholic Cemetery Executive Designations

In 1990 the Catholic Cemetery Conference started the CCCE program for qualified Catholic cemetery executives in order to encourage high service standards and professional accountability within Catholic cemeteries for the following purposes:

1. To raise the professional standards of those engaged in managing Catholic cemeteries.
2. To improve Catholic cemetery management by encouraging cemeterians to participate in career-long continuing education.
3. To encourage self-assessment by offering career guidelines and benchmarks for achievement in Catholic cemetery management.
4. To identify persons with acceptable knowledge of Catholic cemetery management, principles and best practices, related disciplines, and civil and canon laws governing Catholic cemeteries.
5. To recognize those Catholic cemetery executives who have demonstrated a high-level of competence and ethical fitness for Catholic cemetery management.
6. To recognize individuals who have committed to enhancing the ministry of Catholic Cemeteries locally, regionally, and nationally

Application Deadline is July 21, 2023