Christian Burial Guidelines

Christian Burial Guidelines Excerpts

“The Order of Christian Funerals brings the Church’s rich Funeral Liturgy to the particular spiritual and social needs of our day, assisting those facing the searing pain of the death of a family member or friend with the confidence of the children of God.”

“Immersed in the wonder of the paschal mystery of death and new life, the Church prays for the dead, filled with the confidence that God will wipe away all tears from our eyes and there will be no more death, no more tears, no more sadness.”

(Reflections, Committee on the Liturgy National Conference of Catholic Bishops, p. 12)

The above paragraphs, which are found in the conclusion of a publication prepared by the Committee on the Future of the Catholic Cemetery Conference entitled Christian Burial Guidelines, provide a brief overview of the important information contained therein. The booklet contains a font of information to assist both those who labor in the ministry of Catholic cemeteries, as well as the bereaved members of the community. Information regarding the rites and rituals of the Church that have evolved over time, and the value they provide to those in need of care, comfort and understanding at a most distressful time, is found throughout the pages.

While primarily developed as resource to support cemetery staff in assisting those in need of cemetery services, the publication provides an excellent overview of the Church’s teachings regarding such topics as: the three stages of the funeral liturgy and the value each provide to bereaved families; cremation; columbaria in churches; the sacredness of cemetery grounds; and other subjects of interest that might arise.

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