Cremation Gardens

Published by at May 31, 2017 12:36 pm

Roman Szabelski asks:

The Catholic Cemeteries in Chicago are completing construction of the St. Francis Cremation Garden, our first project that includes new cremation products including cremation benches, pedestals, lawn vaults, niche estate lots, boulders and cremorials. As we prepare to start sales, many issues including terminology, rules and regulations, and contract language have been discussed. We are asking our CCC members to share their knowledge. Have you:
1. Developed any materials to explain to families the offerings associated with your cremation garden?
2. Adjusted your Rules and Regulations to address specific issues concerning cremation gardens?
3. Created a decoration policy detailing what decorations are allowed or prohibiting visitor decorations completely?
4. Changed the terms of your easement or contract to address unique situations associated with Cremation Garden products?
5. Addressed any other issues or problems associated with cremation gardens.

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Roman Szabelski
Executive Director
Catholic Cemeteries
Archdiocese of Chicago
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