Cemetery Management and/or Mapping Software

Published by at September 16, 2016 9:11 am

James Crowley asks:

I am new to the game. I am Director of Cemeteries for the Diocese, however the Diocese owns no cemeteries. All cemeteries are owned and directly managed by parishes.

Several parishes have inquired about cemetery management and/or mapping software. This is a rural area, so a cemetery might only be a few acres and the parishes very small. So, I am looking for affordability at a small scale.

Part 2 of the question: Does anyone recommend management and/or mapping software that can be purchased or bought at the diocesan level for use across multiple parishes and cemeteries?

I need to start research somewhere, I am hoping you can put me on track.

Thank you!

James Crowley
Diocese of Ogdensburg Catholic Cemeteries
Ogdensburg, NY