CCC Personal Reference File Update – Input Requested

Published by at August 3, 2016 5:05 pm

Matthew Cahalan writes –

The CCC Finance Advisory Committee is currently in the process of providing a long overdue update to the CCC “Personal Reference File” publication. Some Catholic Cemeteries make use of this CCC resource while others have their own version of it. For example, in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA this resource is known as the “Catholic Record File, Your Confidential Pre-Planning Guide;” and in the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ it is known as “Continuing the Journey – Preparing a Catholic Funeral.”

The CCC Finance Advisory Committee would like to review similar resources that other CCA members are currently using so that we can glean some ideas for incorporation in the updated version for the CCC. It would be greatly appreciated if members could either send me a copy of their version of this resource in the mail; or scan me a copy of it; or fax me a copy of it. Also, if you have changes you have been meaning to make in your resource but have not yet gotten around to it you can pass that information along as well. Maybe we can incorporate those ideas in the new version and it will meet your needs. Scanned copies may be attached to an email and then sent to my email address. On behalf of the Finance Advisory Committee, I thank you for your help with this project.

Matthew Cahalan
CCC Finance Advisory Committee Chair

Catholic Cemeteries Association
Diocese of Pittsburgh
718 Hazelwood Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-2807

Fax: 412-208-1167