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  • Happy New Year Jorge. Thanks for helping out.

  • Thank you Bill and everyone who worked on this great new feature for our CCC membership !!!
    Advent Blessings and Christmas Peace !

  • If there is someone else on the portal, can we actually chat?

  • Hi Bill! Once we get this going, I can copy the questions we have already received from Flocknote to here – and get discussions going! Will there be a way to organize the questions – or do we have to read through everything?

    • We are looking into the Buddy Press social media plugin to explore what capabilities are built in. If Buddy Press does not have all they features, we can look at another plugin.

  • Linda M posted an update 7 years, 5 months ago

    How do I get our cemetery listed under “Find Your Local Cemetery”?

  • Hi Paul,
    As you can see I uploaded a profile picture. I tried to review the section for articles written, but I can’t update. It makes sense, you don’t want people adding stuffs. I am presuming the conferences and article sections are not updated yet. Overall looks good! I will keep browsing around!


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