Position Title: Member Services Manager
Effective Date: April 1, 2018

Summary of Position: To work for and promote the goals and objectives of the Catholic Cemetery Conference established by the Board of Directors and implemented by the Executive Director. This position is responsible for the management of member recruitment and member relations, including but not limited to identification, development, cultivation and retention of CCC members, both domestically and internationally, including active participation in events and continuing education seminars as opportunities to build relationships. Successful candidate will be innovative, creative in developing improvements and expansions to the membership program, and resourceful in packaging and promoting membership. Thinking “outside the box” is key and must be comfortable in a position that is NOT a “punch the clock” type of job (e.g., position will require initiative and independent judgment, as well as some work during non-standard hours, especially as it pertains to international markets, and some travel). This position will be expected to take initiative and exercise independent judgment and discretion. The position reports to the Executive Director, who also will be available for brainstorming, problem-solving and creative assistance as needed. Additional responsibilities will include expanding the value and worth of CCC’s publications and website throughout the marketplace, including collaboration with the Managing Editor.

Position Requirements: A college degree in Business/Liberal Arts preferred, and a sound business or comparable background reflecting a minimum of 3-5 years working experience is desirable. Similar experience in other fields of professional experience and/or non-profit/volunteer activities will be considered in place of specific business background. Must be computer literate, detail oriented, good organizational abilities, possesses good public relation skills, and be able to communicate clearly both orally and in written form. Knowledge of the structure, the teaching and doctrines of the Catholic Church is required. Practicing Catholic with a Catholic educational background preferred. The Conference is a religious, 501(c)(3) organization, and its Member Services Manager is responsible for furthering the Conference’s religious mission through all aspects of operations.

Organizational Relationships: Reports to the Executive Director

Supervision and Guidance: Operates with a minimum of direct supervision; exercises individual discretion and judgment and responsibilities in the performance of duties. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, and staff involved directly or indirectly in membership and event planning, such as volunteers, staff, contractors, members, Committee Chairs and or members of CCC’s Board of Directors having varied backgrounds and values.


  1. Develop goals and action plans for membership development and retention, both domestically and internationally, for cemeterians
  2. Analyze existing programmatic and membership materials as well as membership retention rates and development opportunities for improvement
  3. Develop and implement strategy for expanding supplier/vendor sponsorship, specifically pertaining to events and ads, improving benefit offerings, and increasing overall membership
  4. Management of the membership database, including new regular member and supplier member information and existing member updates; coordination of financial data with Administrative Financial Coordinator; and oversight of mailings.
  5. Develop and author new member summary data to be included in Board Books prior to upcoming Board of Director meetings requiring Board approval. Appropriate communication with all members once Board approval has been received.
  6. Participation in and coordination regarding the annual convention and other CCC sponsored events/educational seminars.
  7. Coordinate with the Managing Editor regarding magazine and marketing content, including but not limited to communication with membership regarding magazine submissions. Must possess a strong ability to comprehend the written word and an understanding of the rules of grammar and punctuation with a keen eye for all details.
  8. Perform all other duties as may be related to the management of member services or operations of the CCC, as requested by the Executive Director.

Public Relations: Coordinate communications with members or others, including response to requests for information or assistance related to Catholic Cemeteries.

Travel: Travel to the annual convention, and other such meetings as may be determined by the Executive Director and are required by the duties of the position.

Working Conditions: This is an overtime exempt position. A forty (40) hour workweek is anticipated, although additional work time may be necessary surrounding the time of the annual convention and other member focused activities/events. As the position begins to address international markets, non-standard hours may be necessary to accommodate the time differential that members or prospective members may/can be available.

Annual Starting Salary: Commensurate with experience

To apply for this position, please contact David LaBarre, Executive Director, Catholic Cemetery Conference at 708-202-1242 or


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